Life at Regensen

Urd, moved into Regensen in February 2018

What is your favorite spot at Regensen?

The communal showers. I love the color of the tiles, the light, the stereo, and the fact that you can meet people in the showers and have a quick informal chat. It reminds me of a football team catching up after a match. It reminds me of Højskole. In many ways, Regensen is like a Højskole where you live all year. You have a beer in the shower together before the parties, and coordinate the post-party Sunday showers, in order to discuss the night.

Also, I find the showers beautiful. And the beautiful, lovely surroundings is something I associate with Regensen. It is kind of the spirit of the place, and it is the closest thing I get to living at Hogwarts.

What is your favorite thing about Regensen?

If you weren’t already good at it when you moved in, Regensen will make you a master at appreciating the little things in the company of others. Better at leaving the cost-benefit calculations behind and just existing. Better at spending time in the kitchen, too much time preparing a meal club or making it a project to gather branches in a nearby park, in order to create decorations for a party.

Outside of Regensen, there is a lot of focus on everything having to be useful. I love the unproductive and yet incredibly meaningful togetherness. It is a bit like the Queen’s New Year’s speech in 2017: It is a good thing to do something useless, and in fact it can prove very useful down the line.

Mikkel, moved into Regensen in January 2018

What is the best thing about Regensen for you?

The enthusiasm of everyone around you is infectious. Regensen is a place where you can do a lot of stuff if you want to. There are no grown-ups keeping an eye on you. We are in charge of how we want things to be in here. We set the stage and take responsibility ourselves. It is inspiring to live with people in that way.

What do you wish you had known before moving in?

I would have liked for someone to say 'Hey, you should apply to Regensen’ because it is fucking nice to live here. I knew very little about the place when I applied, so it was a great experience to find out just how special it is here.

I also really love the parties we have. I love it when everyone is singing the song ‘Regensen er havet for os’ (Regensen is the ocean for us). One of my most memorable Regensen moments is probably singing that song at the first party after I moved in. Everyone stood swaying side by side and singing, and it really brought us together.

Mathias, moved into Regensen in March 2017

What was the biggest surprise for you, when you moved into Regensen?

As someone who has never experienced life at a Højskole or Efterskole, the community in here came as a big surprise. The community in Regensen brings a calmness, which is rare to find in the center of the city. Of course, in order to experience it, one surrenders oneself to it with time and spirit.

Can you give an example of something you think of as very ‘Regensian’?

Of course there are the parties with songs and traditions, but for me the most ‘Regensian’ thing is the ever-present informal togetherness. You miss it when the exam period hits, but can really soak it up when a new semester begins. In the summer semester, you can go into the yard at any given time, sit down at a table and end up having a tipsy conversation with a theologian and geophysicist.

Facilities at Regensen

Regensen College has a total of 101 rooms available, of different sizes between 11 and 35 square metres. All students get their own room. New students are assigned a room upon admission and are then able to move into a room of their choosing later on. All students pay the same rent, regardless of which room they have.

The rent is 1662 DKK per month, plus 140 DKK of common expenses per month, totalling approximately 240 euros per month. All this includes free laundry machines, printing, internet (100 Mb to 1 Gb), social arrangements and access to all the common areas. Residents share a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with the other students of their hallway (usually shared between 3-8 students). Other facilities include:

    Common areas
  • Great Hall (‘Store Sal’) and Small Hall (‘Lille Sal’) - Regensen’s two common halls usually used for parties.
  • Library (where you can study quietly)
  • Common shower facilities (and solo showers)
  • Common 'living room' (‘Fægtekælderen’)
  • Large common kitchen facilities
  • Bicycle basement
  • Laundry room in the basement
  • Printing room
  • Attic rooms for storage