Collegium Domus Regiæ

The College at the Round Tower

A brief description of Regensen

Every day, numerous Copenhageners pass by the arcades across from the Round Tower while probably being unaware that 100 students are living right on the other side: Regensen - or Collegium Domus Regiæ - has been located behind these red brick walls since 1623.

Regensen is the second oldest college in Denmark and has almost 450 years of cultural heritage behind it with proud traditions, diversity of thought, and a history beyond the usual.

Regensen accommodates 101 students. It is a self-governing institution whose overall management is placed under the University of Copenhagen. Up until 1848, the Faculty of Theology was responsible for running Regensen but since then, Regensen has been managed by several different boards. Most recently, the College Cooperative of 1983 (“Kollegiesamvirket af 1983”) was established, whose board is now responsible for managing Regensen as well as three other old, traditional colleges in Copenhagen: Elers, Valkendorfs and Borchs.

A historic place

In 1569 King Frederik II established the Kommunitet foundation - Denmark’s oldest student scholarship with the purpose of supporting 100 talented and economically disadvantaged students attending the University of Copenhagen by providing daily meals. The aim of the Kommunitet foundation was to reduce economic and practical burdens so students can focus on their studies.

In 1623 the Kommunitet foundation received financial support from King Christian IV, which was spent on constructing the buildings we today know as Regensen. Over time the buildings have faced both bombings and fires, yet Regensen is still standing proud on Købmagergade in central Copenhagen.

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